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Onderzoek / Spirituele zorg

Spirituele zorg

De experts

Prof.dr.Carlo Leget
Universiteit voor Humanistiek

Dr. Joep van de Geer
Geestelijk verzorger

Tom Lormans MA
Onderzoeker UMC Utrecht

Dr. Everlien de Graaf
Postdoctoraal onderzoeker UMC Utrecht

Prof. dr. Saskia Teunissen
Hoogleraar palliatieve zorg en hospicezorg UMC Utrecht


Tom Lormans, Everlien de Graaf, Joep van de Geer, Frederieke van der Baan, Carlo Leget and Saskia Teunissen, Toward a socio-spiritual approach? A mixed-methods systematic review on the social and spiritual needs of patients in the palliative phase of their illness, Palliative Medicine 35(6)

Marc Haufe, Carlo Leget, Marieke Potma, Saskia Teunissen, How can existential or spiritual strengths be fostered in palliative care? An interpretative synthesis of recent literature, BMJ Supportive & Palliative Care 2020;0:1–11

Sita de Vries, Tom Lormans, Everlien de Graaf, Carlo Leget, Saskia Teunissen, The Content Validity of the Items Related to the Social and Spiritual Dimensions of the Utrecht Symptom Diary-4 Dimensional From a Patient’s Perspective: A Qualitative Study, JPSM, VOLUME 61, ISSUE 2, P287-294.E2, FEBRUARY 01, 2021

Bos, Dieuwke & Graaf, Everlien & Graeff, Alexander & Teunissen, Saskia. (2019). Determinants of unbearable suffering in hospice patients who died due to Euthanasia: A retrospective cohort study. Death Studies. 1-8

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